A handful or a hand full? / by Nurhayati Rosdi

'Hey Fleurs! What are the sizes available for your handbouquet?' 

Trust us! We get that alot. 

How does one determined the size of your bouquet? - We actually don't.  

If you must know, our bouquet are quite a handful and we do not measure our bouquet by the number of stalks either. The more blooms it hold + the beautiful mess it makes = gorgeous bouquet TBH! 

Well there are circumstances whereby the bride informed us how petite she is. Not to worry gorgeous, we have that covered for you!  

Here in Fleurs, we emphasized the importance of moodboards to all of our clients. These moodboards allow to expand our creativity to mix and match for your bouquet inspiration. We definitely want all our brides to look beautiful and confident holding on to our bouquet while walking down that aisle :)  

Just in case if you're wondering, these are photos of our brides hand carry our lovely bouquet. Drop us an email for more enquiry!