New year, New goals! / by Nurhayati Rosdi

Well hello there 2017! Before we know it, 2016 had bid us goodbye in a swift. Within the span of a year FBS has been progressing steadily. No doubt there were hurdles along the way, but that only made us here even stronger in building these stems. 

We couldn't have done it without the support of our clients throughout 2016. To those of you ladies that believed in us when we were still new in the industry.. You guys are gold! Thank you for your tremendous support!

Not forgetting all the vendors that we've collaborate with. There's too many to have this shoutout for, but you guys know who you are. Not only we gain knowledge but somehow we manage to exchange business ideas together. Thank you for the opportunity. 

With that being said, we have exciting line up for all of our clients. Presenting to you our very first ever Bridal Showcase with Nawwarah Bridal.  We can' wait to meet you guys and we hope to interact more with you in time to come. Simply click on this link for attendance! Show some love guys