One way, or the other by Nurhayati Rosdi

Hope it's not too late to wish every one a Happy Raya! Almost close to a month we celebrated this joyous occasion hasn't it? 

That aside, another occasion that leaves us high in beam has got to be our bridal bouquet beautifully captured by none other, our local photographers! These photos speaks full in volume on the importance for us as florist to visualise how the movement of our bouquet turns out. 

Now, now.. we're not only referring to eye level view, but in every possible angle. We can't control the photographers visionary skill but as florist, we can control how every angle of the bouquet flaunt their beautiful side. 

Flat lays, side profile, top view, front view? - We take it all into consideration the moment we put together the blooms. We ensure that the blooms doesn't look one sided or heavy on either side just because it pleases the eye. You wouldn't want a flat lay of your bouquet showing the stalk instead of the beautiful arrangments, do we? 

Here are some of our favourite images of our bridal bouquet captured by these talented photograhers! This is definitely pleasing to the eye <3

Have you spot any of your favourites yet? <3

Image : Bliss + Photo Cinema

Image : Bliss + Photo Cinema

Image: Bliss + Photo Cinema

Image: Bliss + Photo Cinema

Image: Bliss + Photo CInema

Image: Bliss + Photo CInema

Image: Studio Dua

Image: Studio Dua



Image: WSVS.CO

Image: WSVS.CO

When Modernised Meets Traditional by Nurhayati Rosdi

Over the years, the outlook of the bunga rampai have been modernised. We decided to take it to the next level when we decide to bring western element as part of our Bunga Rampai decorations. We added beautifully crafted tags to personalised the couples detailing, include fresh flowers to complete the appearance & pack it luxuriously before it set foot to the bride & groom.

We still very much believe in the traditional element of making the filling of the bunga rampai. As many of us knew, Bunga rampai is used in many important occasions of the Malay folks. The flowers that often use are jasmine, frangipani/plumeria, roses, and chempakas (white and yellow versions of local magnolia flowers). But the MAIN ingredient of bunga rampai is always fresh pandan leaves or screwpine leaves. Shredded kaffir lime skin is also used to keep the smell fragrant throughout. 

As for the blooms for its finishing touch, we picked Gypsophila a.k.a Babys Breath as our main. Reason? There is no better alternative as compared to these beautiful blooms that could last longer. You can turn it into a potpourri after your event's over! So many uses of these lovely Bunga Rampai. 

To find out how you can order these lovely Rampai, drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you! 🌸  



Ramadhan Kareem everyone! Have a great one with your loved ones ❤️ 

A blush affair by Nurhayati Rosdi

We recently had the chance to put together shades of blush for our dear bride, Ayu. During preparation, we chat up with Ayu and get more details on her outfit colours and if there is a moodboard that she'd like to achieve. 

More often than not, our brides leave the floral designing to us and we're always glad when clients leave their trust in our hands! We worked on every details (colours, types of flowers, themes) that we received and spend a couple of hours on pinterest to seek more inspiration. Main priority? To ensure the blooms of our clients choice met. 

Ayu had requested for Hydrangeas to be used for her bouquet, in blush palette no less. We loveeeeeeeee these ball of fluff and couldn't wait to get our hands working on her bouquet. We're pretty lucky that Peony were in season too while getting our blooms at the nursery!

Hydrangeas + Peony = The perfect bouquet! <3 

Other than these two star blooms, we added in Wax Flower, David Austin Roses, Ranunculus, & Matthiola. For the foliage, we incorporated the Dusty Miller with some Pitos to create the balance between the blooms and foliage. We made it a point to add in a tiny inch of foliage to balance up the whole look of the flowers. Well, there's a reason why flowers has leaves for company.. right? 

And the final outcome? Now breatheee.... 

Photo Credits: LenScript

A handful or a hand full? by Nurhayati Rosdi

'Hey Fleurs! What are the sizes available for your handbouquet?' 

Trust us! We get that alot. 

How does one determined the size of your bouquet? - We actually don't.  

If you must know, our bouquet are quite a handful and we do not measure our bouquet by the number of stalks either. The more blooms it hold + the beautiful mess it makes = gorgeous bouquet TBH! 

Well there are circumstances whereby the bride informed us how petite she is. Not to worry gorgeous, we have that covered for you!  

Here in Fleurs, we emphasized the importance of moodboards to all of our clients. These moodboards allow to expand our creativity to mix and match for your bouquet inspiration. We definitely want all our brides to look beautiful and confident holding on to our bouquet while walking down that aisle :)  

Just in case if you're wondering, these are photos of our brides hand carry our lovely bouquet. Drop us an email for more enquiry!




Finding the perfect palette by Nurhayati Rosdi

It's not easy, we all know by now. We've done countless bouquet orders and each time we contact client to finalise their mood board, trust me when I say.. us ladies can never stick to one palette, right? I am guilty of that too!

Here in FBS, we explore different colour palette with you to match your first to the very last outfit. Most of you bride to be would know our style of picking the right flowers to use and the colours to match not only the flowers but the foliage as well. 

We made it easy for you and most of the times it worked well with our clients. 

1) Choose your colour palette - Our go to website to seek inspiration gotta be THE PERFECT PALETTE. They have a range of real wedding inspo, from the dark to the pastels! Everything is curated perfectly! You'll love it!

2) Browse through PINTEREST for your flower inspiration - They have plenty of photos for you to choose from. They're like our floral wiki on days when we run out of ideas!

3) Remember the wedding outfit colours - Yes, this is essential. We know most Bridal House don't allow you to snap photos of their beautiful outfits.. that's alright. Go through their Instagram page or maybe a similar colour outfit off the internet. We wouldn't want to pick a colour that doesn't match your outfits, that's the last thing in our list!

"But Yati, it's hard for me to visualise!.. " - Don't worry darling we got that covered! With the 3 steps above, you can always turn it into a simplified mood board just the like the example below. 

Photo 9-1-17, 7 20 12 PM.jpg

We hope you find this useful and go through the process of finding the perfect palette for your bridal bouquet with ease. Click on the CONTACT tab if you have more questions :) 

New year, New goals! by Nurhayati Rosdi

Well hello there 2017! Before we know it, 2016 had bid us goodbye in a swift. Within the span of a year FBS has been progressing steadily. No doubt there were hurdles along the way, but that only made us here even stronger in building these stems. 

We couldn't have done it without the support of our clients throughout 2016. To those of you ladies that believed in us when we were still new in the industry.. You guys are gold! Thank you for your tremendous support!

Not forgetting all the vendors that we've collaborate with. There's too many to have this shoutout for, but you guys know who you are. Not only we gain knowledge but somehow we manage to exchange business ideas together. Thank you for the opportunity. 

With that being said, we have exciting line up for all of our clients. Presenting to you our very first ever Bridal Showcase with Nawwarah Bridal.  We can' wait to meet you guys and we hope to interact more with you in time to come. Simply click on this link for attendance! Show some love guys